The entire price of the tour should be paid in advance to secure your place on the tour. You will receive a confirmation email upon booking.


Tickets are not refundable permanently. The company is not liable for any fees imposed by foreign travel agencies or any other third-party company through which the booking is made.

Full details of the ticket must be reviewed by the customer upon receipt, as no program can be replaced with another tour or date not mentioned at the time of booking.

If you are delayed for more than 10 minutes from the start time of the tour, you will not be able to join the group and the company is not responsible for your delay.

There are no free subscriptions, and children under 5 years of age may participate for free. Children from 6 to 11 years of age pay 50% of the price of the tour and receive half of the standard amount of food.


Full refunds can be made 7 days prior to the tour date, though please note that we will discount administrative fees from the total to be refunded.

You can redeem 50% of the total fees paid by cancelling within 4-6 days of the tour date.
Refunds are not issued upon cancellation within 72 hours of the beginning of the tour.

A similar cancellation policy is also applied to some of the tour participating group.

In the event of a delay or cancellation on behalf of the company on any tour, we will reschedule the tour or return part of the booking fee.


All participants in the tour must respect the company policy and conditions in order to ensure a pleasant tour for all, and we do our best to provide fun tours and excellent service.

The company is not responsible for any bodily injury or theft that participants may experience, any delays on behalf of the participants, or any food and purchases made outside the program originally agreed upon.

Participants in the tour are responsible for any damages they cause to any other party or company, and Japanese Halal Cultural Tours reserves the right to exclude anyone who violates our laws or verbally or physically harms others.

Japanese Halal Cultural Tours is not liable for any damages caused by natural phenomena such as earthquakes, hurricanes, bad weather, and floods, nor any restrictions imposed by governmental authorities.


The company must adhere to what is stated in the tour program and provide services of the highest quality and at the highest level.
However, we may change the contents of the tour depending on the situation of natural disasters and restaurants etc.

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